Voices From The Field

Our clinics are most often under a tree. We create a place for registration, nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians and drug dispensers. We don’t have any table or chair, we sit on the floor on a tarp sheet. Or we take a charpai from a house nearby and start the clinic.

MSF Doctor

Survivors of sexual assault require immediate medical care so that their injuries are treated and unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections like HIV are prevented. Survivors are often in mental distress and require psychological care to cope with trauma.

MSF Doctor

It’s rewarding to see a patient progress from depression. There is still a long way to go in making counselling acceptable, and in making services readily available for those affected.

MSF Counsellor

I met a few health workers from MSF in my village and they were explaining malnutrition to everyone. The symptoms were very similar to what Sanjana, my daughter, had. They told me about the health centres and encouraged me to visit. I have been going to MSF for the past five months now. I have been giving Sanjana proper medication, and maintaining the hygiene in and around the house. She now eats everything and plays with children in the neighbourhood. I feel extremely happy to see my child healthy.

Mother of Sanjana

Everyone started to tell me I was going to die. I have been given a second life. What irked me the most was my inability to support my family in any way and look, here I am- collecting stones to build my new house and planting potatoes for us to eat.

MDR-TB survivor

I had never heard of hepatitis C before. I was jolted when I learned I was hepatitis C positive. I wondered, ‘What is this new disease that only I have?’ I later found out that approximately 80 per cent of the people in my village have it. Even my sisters have it.

Hepatitis C survivor

Children are prone to falling sick constantly. My child has a persistent cold and cough so we spend a lot on medication, and travelling to the doctors. But I don’t purchase medicine from the chemist without a prescription; I always consult a doctor first. Thanks to MSF, I know better now!

Mother of Mina Bauri